Entry #1

The Lucky Stars

2008-01-01 21:05:54 by Minami-Iwasaki

A new flash group -w-

The Lucky Stars


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2008-01-02 15:59:50

Ei wönna jöin!
Umma Jäp!
I eät fish and liek teh rais toö!
Älsö i söarft teh axis forces in teh 1943! Haill!

Minami-Iwasaki responds:

very funny yup yup!!!!


2008-01-12 21:03:26

Yay! There is a rip-off crew of us... kinda...

Minami-Iwasaki responds:

not really


2008-02-19 23:20:07

did one person draw this or did each member draw their own charecter

Minami-Iwasaki responds:

I drew all of it.


2008-03-08 09:43:10

guys i like the improvement of some of your flashes. But don't use alts.